Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Staff 2013!!

Blessed... there's really no other way to describe how I feel! This week I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to meet all of the summer staffers for the 2013 summer retreat season. I honestly can't believe God has blessed me with the opportunity to pour into them this summer and work for Lighthouse Family Retreat. It really just blows me away. Such an honor.

The one word that describes our summer family... Love. Love literally pours out of every single person that sat around that table. The first thing we did as a team was talk about the "highs" and "lows" of their week of training so far. (They had already been through some training before I had the chance to meet them) The overwhelming common "high" of the week... meeting each other. Warms my heart. They are already hard at work posting on Facebook how much they love each other and creating silly videos. Out of love and respect for each other... God is going to be able to do an amazing work for the families they will be serving. Great things are going to happen this summer... God things are going to happen this summer... and I'm so excited for everyone that is going to have the opportunity to experience it... and experience their love. They're a special group... it's already obvious that God put them together Himself.

Below are a few prayer requests and thoughts before we head out. Please join our team in prayer!!

Prayer requests:
1) Pray for safe travels for the staff and summer staffers. Travel will take place this Thursday, as well as for Julie, Retreat Family Coordinator, during the first two days of each retreat.
2) Pray for the safe travels of the families and volunteers each week.
3) Pray for good health for families, volunteers, and staff. If you weren't aware, there are often a few families each year that are not able to make the retreat because a child in treatment is too ill to come down last minute. Please pray this is not the case this year, and that all volunteers are able to take part in the full week without becoming ill.
4) Pray for open hearts for the families. Not all families that attend LFR know our Lord. Please pray for them to hear the message of the gospel and that they may find comfort in His endless power and love.
5) Pray for open hearts for the staff, summer staff, and volunteers. That during the most taxing of days, God's love and strength will rain over them (just not literal rain, please) :)
6) Pray for wisdom: for the staff and volunteers to make decisions where they count most and make them with the wisdom the Lord provides through careful prayer and peaceful understanding. 
7) And please pray that during the most confusing, and difficult days, that we remember the one phrase that sticks out most from my very first retreat, "God doesn't call the qualified... He qualifies the called!" Thank the Lord for this truth!! I have definitely had my "I'm building the wings of the plane while it's flying" moments lately ;)
Love you all! This link will take you to the retreat dates to pray over:

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