Saturday, August 4, 2012

Faith Defining Moments

Life defining moments... If you "Google" life defining moments you get sites and explanations related to choices, experiences, meetings, deaths, etc. While we have all experienced many life defining moments, I feel like we often forget to find the faith defining moments within them.

It's easy to be scared, happy, or inquisitive. We all want answers and we all have emotions. What's hard to do is during those moments, finding God... not just finding Him... trusting Him. As a Christian, I've said my fair shares of "I trust God!" "I trust His plan!" BUT do I always really feel it? I believe it without a shadow of a doubt... but do I always FEEL it?!

Human beings are so incredibly built. The intricacies of our bodies, our emotions... our minds (ironic in my current situation... but it's amazing how it works) are beyond our comprehension. Scientists have spent thousands of years trying to cure illnesses and to create technology that allows us to identify problems BEFORE they exist. It's one of those pieces of technology that has literally saved my life... yes a scientist created the machine I layed in... but it was GOD that allowed a neurologist to find the one TINY blip that shouldn't have been found. As my mom says, "It was meant to be found."

I've found myself scared... just scared. I haven't asked "Why me?" I haven't screamed "It isn't fair!" but I have been scared.

Does God have a plan? Absolutely!

Can He heal me? Absolutely (and He will)!

Is this a defining faith moment for me? Absolutely!

You see... God uses us for His glory! He's going to heal me... and everyone will be able to see how miraculous our God is! I have faith in Him! I did before we found "Annie" and I will forever after! Am I scared? Yes... I'm a baby when it comes to pain... but I'm NOT scared my God won't show up! He's been here all along... and (as my dear friend Marissa reminded me) He's already walked this journey... now He's here to walk me through it.

I'm taking His hand... Hopefully He's a speed walker ;)

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