Monday, October 3, 2011

Trip to Haiti = Lighter Load

The desktop screen on my laptop contains five pictures of Haiti... a daily/hourly/sometimes by the minute reminder of my experience in Haiti and how God has changed my life through the Haitian people. Four months ago... that's it! Only four months ago... I was in Haiti, embracing the culture, the people, the language... and even the food. If you know me... the food part is a pretty big accomplishment all on its own. I'm more of a tailgate food type of southern girl. Show me a burger and a football game and you'll see a big smile :) SO... needless to say Haiti was a large step out of my comfort zone.

Since having returned from Haiti: I still love a good burger, LOVE GEORGIA FOOTBALL, but I cancelled my cable, sold my elliptical, and am sitting on my sofa for the last week I'll own it. SOFA? As if that's a big deal... well, my friends, I taught summer school for a month a few years ago just so I would have the cash to buy it! She's kind of my baby; soft leather, and perfect for a nap after a good run. I'm going to miss her.

Coming back from Haiti made me re-evaluate what my priorities were. I think I've mentioned before that on the last morning of our trip one of my group members showed me their daily devotional: a few words on what we ask of God, and praying for only what God has planned to provide us, nothing more... only our daily bread. It really hit me at that moment: I'm so incredibly blessed... and so incredibly greedy. No I didn't need to sale all of my possessions, but there was definitely room for improvement when I returned.

Here I am, four months later, getting ready to move across town and I feel like packing isn't so much of a chore anymore. Each corner I turn I find something else I'm taking to Goodwill. What single woman needs two TVs?? HA... and a single woman who doesn't even have cable at that! Yeah... I've definitely held onto some things over the years, but I'm ready to let go and trust that our amazing Lord is going to provide me with everything I need in order to fulfill His plans for my life.

And as for Haiti... I just applied to go back again next June. Praying that God has planned for me to go back and visit the Bohoc community again in June of 2012! At least there I won't have to worry about not having cable ;)